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{{!Character Category Template|title1=ALARMist Infantry|image1=Burgund 3.PNG|caption1=|type=Frontline Paramilitary Element(Pre decree 44)
{{!Character Category Template|title1=ALARMist Infantry|image1=Burgund 3.PNG|caption1=|type=Frontline Paramilitary Element(Pre decree 44)
Propaganda wing(Post decree 44)|alignment=Left|notable_members=Infantrymen Max Oswald
Propaganda wing(Post decree 44)|alignment=Left|notable_members=Captain John Tobias
Infantrymen Deng Zhongchang
Infantrymen Deng Zhongchang

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GOD DAMMIT, why am I the bugle again? I was the bugle last cycle!

When the ALARM was first formed, it was formed with a paramilitary wing. This paramilitary, nicknamed "the ALARMist infantry", was mainly for protection of the leader, officers and normal ALARMists; however, as the organisation grew, discussions between the Consulate and the Generalissimo himself talked about the usefulness of the ALARMist infantry. It was then declared that, with the growing number, everyone should instead be train to fight. As such, under the decree N44, the ALARMist training was expanded for all members of the ALARM. However, this wouldn't be the end of the ALARMist infantrymen—the Generalissimo decided to repurpose the already existing ALARMist infantrymen and turn them into the propaganda wing.

Now reorganized, the "Pomp and circumstance" ALARM is a group that, in the quite literal sense, sound the bugle and beat the drum of the ALARM, using the power of music, posters and anything that is not illegal under regulations to attract people to join and help the ALARM grow. While this might seem like a downgrade, they still have their surplus clothes for when they were the paramilitary (including the “Gray Protectors", which are just recoloured bowls, yet they somehow still do the job) along with their rather better-than-average training, something that the Infantrymen ensure any new member who joins is trained in.

It is to note that, of all ALARM members, they are the least ideologically driven, as they have lost some faith after decree N44 and are now becoming more and more centred around just singing and advertising. While they will still work and help the ALARM, there is a certain hesitation inside many of the members if they will stay with ALARM until the end.