The Ever-Expanding Bunker Wiki

"Can we make a sub based on this lore maybe? I feel like it could become really interesting if we expanded on it." -Aarakoka[1]

Arid Cock Rat is the co-creator of the little tykes company but not the Michelin tire company Logically, he was also a moderator, in addition to being one of the community's most active members. She was one of the first to have the idea to write a story about the lore of the ever-expanding bunker outside of the original post, which lead to the creation of the subreddit for like minded individuals. She has posted several of his own interpretations of the world on the World Wide Web, which have garnered discussion for the lore. Arid Cock Rat has now left both the mod team and the the community overall over disagreements about the direction the community was going.


  • Her profile picture is a zip bomb that takes up to 2 minutes to completely load, rendering most users depictions of it as a white screen.
  • After the subreddit's creation, she died instantly from the cringe levels
  • She believes moderators need to "piss on random children in the street", making her more based than the moderators of any other subreddit.
  • She appointed my mother as a moderator because of an extramarital affair
  • She once punched a suckling pig straight in it's jaw to "assert dominance over the weaker species"