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Basic Info[]

The Bog Priest used to be leader of the Boggists, until he mysteriously disappeared one day. He then randomly reappeared and the cultists speculate that he is one with The Bogs now. His Quadrant text has Wingdings that translate to "Barter." He is also a femboy. While the Bog Priest is officially a wojak, art made by u/OrangeHammerHavoc007 of the Bog Priest (right) is used more often and has usurped the original one in popularity.


The Bog Priest reappeared at an unknown time and came back partially merged with the Bogs. He reassumed his position as the Leader of the Boggists. His body turned a grey color and he now bleeds purple blood due to merging with the Bogs; also because why the hell not? He can regrow and heal parts of his body quickly, he even cut off his finger to sell it for money once. Despises the Computer and its treatment of people. He thinks that if the Bogs take over the Bunker, people will gain human rights; his goal is to make this happen. He thinks the Bogs are a lot more moral than they actually are. Definitely doesn't know who the Swag Department Head is (he does, its his disguise that he uses to go to Level 1 to fuck with the Computer). He can talk to the Bogs like the Shifter can. He is still a femboy. Hated both by many Bunker Factions (being a Boggist) and by people who use the Bunker Subreddit (being a femboy and therefore a "self insert character").

The Deep Dark Canon[]

Original Bog Priest

During the blackout, the Bog Priest is guided in the darkness by The Bogs whispering directions to go. The Priest doesn't have any idea where his masters are leading him, but he obeys and is followed by the other Boggists.

Luxury Canon[]


The full art of the Bog Priest and his Quadrant/Square

The Bog Priest in the Deep Dark Compass

Presumably the Square for the Bog Priest in the Original 6X6.

Bog Priest in the Luxury canon