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Crazy to see I'm not the only weirdo who got obsessed with a high-quality shitpost" - Bubel's first discord message

u/King_Bubel is one of the oldest members in the Ever-Expanding Bunker. His avatar is a replicate of Yoshikage Kira from jojos bizarre adventure.

His age is unknown and he lives in Nova Scotia, New Zealand.

He has greatly influenced the Bunker lore, being the creator of G.O.L.D, the Ester and the Taken. His favorite day of the year is Halloween.

He is also the creator of the

° IT Head

° R&D Head

° DOTC 9X9 Political Compass

° The Afflicted

° Cumfuta

° The Elite Guard


  • weirdo who got obsessed with a high-quality shit post"
  • "Let the record show that the first thing I was able to get tango to concede on was that he in fact desperately tried to deny that I was fucking his mother."
  • "all the hours of work for this place and I am uncredited for my work and treated as a fetishist pervert"
  • "fuck"


An image of bubel on reddit