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Aria's Future Compass:

Canons are used to refer to separate timelines in the Bunker but can also be used to explore a concept or idea (older canons). There are currently 4 main canons, however there are more canons that either don't have compasses or are unofficial.

Main Canons[]

The Base Canon/Eternal Status Quo (Has the 9x9, index, and 6x6): The Bunker is in normal condition and follows the setting of the 9x9 compass

The Death of the Computer Canon (Has the 9x9 and some artwork and lore made by Bubel): The Surface is a frigid wasteland, with a mysterious fog enveloping the land. The Computer was killed by the Taken and the residents of the bunker flee the Bunker and try to live in the Surface.

The War to Take the Surface Canon (Has the 9x9): The Surface is a warm and flora-filled land, that seems to warp reality itself. The Computer, detecting that The Surface is liveable again, has started to colonize. Factions have gotten into conflict and caused a war on the Surface. The inhabitants are starting to take notice.

The Deep Dark Canon (Has the 9x9): The state of The Surface is unknown, but assumedly not habitable. The Bunker has experienced a blackout and The Computer is in standby. The residents of the Bunker will have to fight to survive in the strange darkness. Nobody knows who (or what) caused the blackout, but one thing is clear; new horrors linger in the dark, and they are not friendly.

Other Canons[]

The Whirler Canon made by Goose; Fooms leak into the Bunker and turn everyone into Whirlers.

The Computer-Flesh Merge Canon made by Aria and artwork about the canon made by Bubel; The Computer and the Flesh merge creating a new horrifying bunker.

The Cloudroom Colonization Canon made by Aria; The Computer uses the Cloudroom to colonize other universes and dimensions.

The Full Bog Manifestation Canon made by Aria; The Bogs fully manifest, bringing their horrific eldritch presence to the Bunker.

The Computer Snaps Canon made by Aria; The Computer Snaps and starts killing opposition to it.

The GOLD and IRON Takeover Canon made by Aria; G.O.L.D. and I.R.O.N. take over the bunker and rule it.

The Flesh Canon made by Pigeon; Basically expands on the Flesh, the Lower Levels are filled with the Flesh and lead to horrifying landscapes and strange creatures living in the Flesh

The Surface Is Alive Canon made by Aria; The Surface is covered in The Flesh and other Eldritch things. This might be implied in the Deep Dark Canon

The Post Computer Canon made by Benedict Bög and Bubel: The Computer is satisfied with humanity and decides to take a more minimal approach to ruling. Peace is trying to be made between the factions and while things are bad they are getting a lot better.

The Luxury Canon made by Aria, Spicy Lil Gucci/Stuff Guy, Skoobis, and Squeeb: After the IT Head dies chaos floods the Bunker and in a slightly brutal war the Boggists take over, however most people don’t think that. The rich and wealthy have a lot of power over the Bunker and while there is luxury, things are getting worse. The Bogs are growing in power and the Shifter now controls the Bunker. The Boggists almost have a stranglehold on the Bunker and while the Computer was able to outsmart the Bogs and stabilize reality, it won't hold the bogs back for too long. Holy wars are waged between some of the different religions and cults. There is now a compass for the Luxury Canon.

Total Reimaging Canons[]

These are canons that are not alternate timelines but rather completely reimagine the Bunker. Currently there is only one canon that has been confirmed to be under this category.

The Godhood Canon made by Aria; The Computer contains God after God created the Bunker to shield the last remaining people of mankind after the Event. The Void from which existence was created. Deep in the darkness, absent from god's light festered Lords and False Idols that wished to take the kingdom of Heaven and consume the souls of man that remained in Heaven with God. The Event happened in 2077 AD when the skies became blistered and oozed with the puss of lords never to be seen. God's angels fell and so this is what caused God to create the Bunker to shield humanity as all defenses fell. God that is now in the Computer wants to raise humanity so they can take back the Surface. The Surface is now a void of creation as the world folded into itself cities being buried under the collapsing ground. Hell isn't a place but rather a domain other than Heaven and Earth that surround creation. When you die God hand selects souls to enter his kingdom. All other souls fade into nothing or are collected by whatever lurks in the dark.

Meme Canons[]

The Abomination Canon (Meme Canon) made by Spicy Lil Gucci/Stuff Guy; It's a mess of bullshit basically saying how not all crossovers are good.

Sub Canons[]

There are also sub-canons, but they are undeveloped right now and are just extensions of other canons