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Basic Info

Death of the Computer, also known as DOTC, is an alternate timeline where The Computer is destroyed and the bunkerites have colonised The Surface.

The timeline began when The Taken attacked and ate an I.R.O.N. member. Enraged, The Tester went to fight The Taken herself, only to also get killed and eaten, to the horror of the bunkerites. The huge amounts of testosterone mutated The Taken to extreme levels, making it bulletproof and practically invincible. It made its way up The Bunker, destroying entire levels as it went. Eventually, it arrived at Level 1 and started to attack The Computer, causing it to take heavy damage. With a shutdown imminent, The Computer triggered a massive explosion, destroying The Taken and most of Level 1. With the airlock now destroyed, the bunkerites escape into The Surface, leaving a destroyed bunker behind them.

The Surface

In this canon, the surface is a frigid wasteland, filled with a collection of murderous creatures who have evolved to live in this harsh environment.

The Compass

The Death of the Computer Canon has a 9x9 Compass that details characters and creatures of the Surface and Bunker. The Compass was made by Bubel and included submissions from many different users.