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Basic Info[]

Death of the Computer, also known as DOTC, is an alternate timeline where The Computer is destroyed and the Bunkerites have colonized The Surface.

The timeline began when The Taken attacked and ate an I.R.O.N. member. In her rage, The Tester herself went to fight The Taken. Her efforts were futile however and, to the Bunkerites' horror, she met her demise. The large store of testosterone within The Tester mutated and evolved The Taken, rendering weapons useless. Nearly invincible, it rampaged through entire levels up The Bunker until, it breached Level 1. There, it assaulted The Computer itself and inflicted catastrophic damage. With it's termination imminent, The Computer sacrificed itself and ignited an explosion which obliterated both The Taken and most of Level 1.

After the explosion ripped open the airlock, most of the Bunkerites fled to The Surface. Behind them, The Bunker ruinates in The Computer's absence.

The Surface[]

In this canon, The Surface is a frigid wasteland, roamed by uncanny and murderous Inhabitants who evolved to survive the harsh environment.

The Compass[]

The Death of the Computer Canon has a 9x9 Compass that details characters and creatures of the Surface and Bunker. The Compass was made by Bubel and included submissions from many different users.