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Basic Info[]

The Head of the R&D Department, as his name suggests, is the leader of the Department of Research and Development. He is in charge of developing new weapons and machinery for The Bunker. He is so devoted to The Computer that he would kill himself without hesitation if The Computer asked him to, and feels he is unworthy of serving the computer when a project is a few minutes late.

Recently R&D Head started to work in a secret project of genetic engineering that only him and The Head of the IT Department seems to have knowledge of. There are speculations that The Level 1 Orphan may be a clone of him created by this project.

Other Canons[]

War to Take the Surface[]

During the war, the R&D Head is the main weapon creator of the Computer's forces. He feels honored and extremely happy to have the inventions that he spent his whole life working on finally being used at their full potential. His devotion for the Computer has grown even stronger.

Deep Dark[]

After the first moments of the blackout where R&D Head was found inside a closet with the Head of the HR Department. Both of them seemed very angry of being "interrupted". He never saw the HR Head after that.

After that episode, R&D Head started to search for a place safe for the horrors of the darkness that consumed the Bunker. R&D Head created new weapons to protect itself from anything that could present as a threat to him. He, of course, doesn’t see this as a bad thing, since now he can test the efficiency of his new gadgets.


  • The R&D Head has been the target of the Head of HR Department's sexual advances many times, to his displeasure.
  • He can always be seen wearing a cape made of many small tendrils that he can split apart and control.