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Level 100 is an infamous level in the Ever-Expanding Bunker known for being rife with religious extremism. The level has been blocked off for an unknown reason and all residents are trapped here. Level 100 houses the Temple of the Computer and is also the main home for the computer priests. Additionally, there are many other religious factions that exist in smaller groups such as the Eventists, the Old-world worshippers and the Mario Mormons.


Level-100 used to be a farming level with a large population of Foodclown Worshipers. Separatists took over the level and blocked it off due to the Computer not giving materials to maintain the farms on Level 100.

While being blocked off, many cults formed worshiping different things, such as the Computer, Old World items/places, and what seems to be Mario's brother L.

According to the Temple of the Computer the High Priest opened the doors to other levels. However this is unconfirmed. While the doors did open, now the Temple of the Computer controls most entrances. There is the secret elevator shaft from Level 1 that the R&D Head uses. There are also vents and secret entrances and exits that people use to get out of the level.

Another notable event is the Eventist Heresy where the Three Eventist Priests turned on the rest of the Techno Priest Council and tried to coup and kill them. This then lead to a campaign to hunt down Eventists which lead in the killing of two of the Eventist Priests and wiping out all Flesh Eventists on Level-100 in the new lore. The Humanist Eventist Priest set up a meeting and ordering half of the Black Guard to turn on the rest of the Priests that didn't defect. The other two Eventist Priests, the Boggist Eventist Priest and the Flesh Eventist Priest were absent

Cults and Religions on Level-100

The Temple of the Computer:

Worship the Computer and machines made by the computer. They are Transhumanist and think Cyborgs are closer to the Computer that they see as a god like entity. You can learn more about the Temple of the Computer in The Computerists. The Union of Educator Priests are a notable faction who have power but aren't as powerful as the Techno-Priest Council

The Eventists

~~Believe the Computer caused the Event and that it is an evil being. There are three sects of Eventism. The Three sects represent the three forms of opposition to the Computer, The Bogs, The Flesh, and Humanity.~~ ATTENTION COMMONER, the man who has mentioned the B-ists has now been shot for high-heresy, while YES the eventists are heretics who cannot repent (no matter what the kind says), they are not high-heretics and CERTAINLY don't have b-ists in their ranks.

The L Cultists and other Mario Mormons

Not much is known about L-Cultists except that they worship Mario's brother L and believe that L killed Mario because of him being a dick, because Mario was always bullying L saying he could never be number 1. L-Cultists practice human sacrifice to keep L happy, and seem to hate other Mario Mormons because they worship Mario. Other Mario Mormons seem to try to stay away from L-Cultists. In the original lore they ally with the other cults however in the new lore the Mario Mormons still stay as a unique entity.

Old World Worshipers

These are diverse cults that worship different old world things. There are many groups, each worshiping different Pre-Event ideas, things, and locations. However the most infamous of these Cults is the Southern Worshipers/KKK Bandits, who worship an ancient-location known as the 'south', they wear white-robes with pointy-hats and red-crosses, They are led by a Guy in red-robes with a pointy-hat.


  • The Inqusition of the Computerists is known for being both extremely-brutal and extremely-effective when it comes to dealing with heretics.
  • ~~You can choose whichever version of lore you want.
  • ~~The New Version of the lore was to create a slightly different Level 100 because Tango left the community. To not just rip off Tango’s ideas, a new version was created~~ "slight difference", what a huge fucking lie, you made the techno-inquisitors the military arm for some reason, the black-guard not elite bodyguards of the techno-priest council, but made them average bodyguards of average techno-priests, which are not even the rulers of the temple of the computer anymore, ALARM and the coalition exist in level-100 for some reason, made the union of educator-priests really powerful for some reason, made the boggist simply exist on level-100 despite the fact that their power is non-existent, made the computer have people other then the Temple of the Computer exist in level-100. made the seperatists the ones who caused the anarchy despite the anarchy being happening after level-100 was blocked off from an unknown source. You did not steal my ideas, you fucking ruined my ideas, and then only kept the names of important people in level-100. So stop, leave my lore completely alone, and never touch it again!
  • ~~The New Version of the lore was a compass and has a comic about it that’s coming out sometime~~ The Compass is complete shit, messes up my lore in so many ways, so don't even bother with it!