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Level 100 is an infamous level in the Ever-Expanding Bunker known for being rife with religious extremism. The level has been blocked off by separatists and all residents are trapped here. Level 100 houses the Temple of the Computer and is also the main home for the techno priests. Additionally, there are many other religious factions that exist in smaller groups such as the Eventists, the Old-world worshippers and the Mario Mormons. It was originally planned to have hydroponic farms.


Level-100 used to be a farming level with a large population of Foodclown Worshipers. Separatists took over the level and blocked it off due to the Computer not giving materials to maintain the farms on Level 100. While the Level could technically be opened up to the rest of the Bunker, the Temple of the Computer and other religious factions prefer that it stays blocked off.

While being blocked off, many cults formed worshiping different things, such as the Computer, Old World items/places, and what seems to be Mario's brother L.

According to the Temple of the Computer the High Priest opened the doors to other levels. However this is unconfirmed. While the doors did open, now the Temple of the Computer controls most entrances, not allowing anyone inside. There is the secret elevator shaft from Level 1 that the R&D Head uses. There are also vents and secret entrances and exits that people use to get out of the level.

Another notable event is the Eventist Heresy where the Three Eventist Priests turned on the rest of the Techno Priest Council and tried to coup and kill them. This then lead to a campaign to hunt down Eventists which lead in the killing of two of the Eventist Priests and wiping out all Flesh Eventists on Level-100 in the new lore. The Humanist Eventist Priest set up a meeting and ordering half of the Black Guard to turn on the rest of the Priests that didn't defect. The other two Eventist Priests, the Boggist Eventist Priest and the Flesh Eventist Priest were absent.

Cults and Religions on Level-100

The Temple of the Computer:

Worship the Computer and machines made by the computer. They are Transhumanist and think Cyborgs are closer to the Computer that they see as a god like entity. You can learn more about the Temple of the Computer in The Computerists. The Union of Educator Priests are a notable internal faction who have power due to teaching the doctrine and ideology of the Temple of the Computer but aren't as powerful as the High Techno-Priest Council who are the main leaders of the Temple of the Computer. There are other Computerist religions such as the Omega Crusaders that was formally lead by the Boggist Eventist Priest before they converted to Eventism and Boggism.

The Eventists

Believe the Computer caused the Event and that it is an evil being. There are three sects of Eventism. The Three sects represent the three forms of opposition to the Computer, The Bogs, The Flesh, and Humanity. There is also Non Sect Eventists who don’t follow any sort of opposition to the Computer

The L Cultists and other Mario Mormons

Not much is known about L-Cultists except that they worship Mario's brother L and believe that L killed Mario because L was jealous of Mario. L-Cultists practice human sacrifice to keep L happy, and seem to hate other Mario Mormons because they worship Mario. Other Mario Mormons seem to try to stay away from L-Cultists. Mario Mormons still practice their religion and spread their religion, even though they are hated by all other cults on the level

Old World Worshipers

These are diverse cults that worship different old world things. There are many groups, each worshiping different Pre-Event ideas, things, and locations.


  • ~~There is a compass and comic for Level 100~~ Both suck.
  • ~~Level 100 lore is undergoing a rewrite~~ Part 1: THAT IS NOT WHAT THE FUCKING TECHNO-INQUISITION IS! So to start, they are NOT soldiers, I repeat, NOT soldiers. They don't fight on the frontlines against heretics, they do research, find who is faithful and who is not, and when they are done with that research and have found a heretic/lesser-heretic, they put them in a holy-tribunal, and decide if they are truly guilty of heresy or not. So now let's do the techno-priests, so to start with this, THEY ARE NOT YOUR AVERAGE FUCKING PRIEST. YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH COMPUTER PRIEST INSTEAD. BUT NOPE, YOU DECIDED 'hmmmm, yes techno-priests are the name of average priests NOT the rulers of the whole thing.' Now the Union of educator-priests, oh boy, this faction has been given a lot of power it should not have. Due to the simple fact THAT THEY DON'T FUCKING PULL THE STRINGS, THEY ARE A TEACHERS' UNION WITH GUNS, HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND? The blackguard don't have much to say on them other then the fact that they are not the elite bodyguards anymore, moving on. Ah the High techno-priest/Techno-Priest High Council, or HTPC/TPHC. Which has 'three' currently known members, the Silent techno-priest, the Militant Techno-Priest, and the High Techno-Priest. I don't really have a problem with the Silent Techno-priest, but I do with the Militant Techno-Priest. So the Militant Techno-Priest is the Leader of the Techno-Inquisition, and the black guard, and he is made out to be a lot more cruel then he actually IS. He will NOT torture you in horrible ways, that is the Cruel's Job. and he NOT the kind of man to say 'Innocence proves nothing'. And is more of a fanatic/cruel thing. and finally the High Techno-priest. Who really should just be called 'The High-Priest' but whatever. So he was an IT guy, which is wrong, the High-Priest just kinda, appeared out of nowhere, no one knows where he came from, but they do know that he is the prophet of the computer. and he is not 'abolsutely' frightening, also could not even spell absolutely right. and finally, the computer, who uh, how should I put this> Oh yeah: does NOT have as much power other then the Temple of the Computer, all IT people are dead or apart of the Priesthood, the HR does not have any members on level-100, AND THE FACT THAT A COMPUTER TERMINAL WOULD LIKELY BE DESTROYED/NOT EXIST AT ALL! part 2: WHY THE FUCK IS THE COALITION HERE? Time for the religious/not so religious people outside of the eventists! So, ALARM and the coalition, do I really need to tell you why two non-religious factions would not last long on literally the religious fanatic level? Yeah I don't. IF they existed, they likely would have murdered as 'heretics' or 'non-believers'. the BDSM agent could not be an techno-inquisitor, due to you are a techno-inquisitor, or you are not.(edited) If he/she actually met with the high techno-priest council it would go a little something like this. 'Hello yes I am a BDSM agent and I would like to be awarded Honorary Techno-Inquisitor.' 'No, we don't just give out postitions like that to anyone and Honorary Techno-Inquisitor is not even a thing.' 'But I fight Enemies of the Computer!' 'Do you even believe in the Computer's divinity?' 'No.' 'We have heard enough. Black-Guards! Take this man outside and shoot him for being a non-believer.' 'Wait! I can still help you people, please sto-' gunshoots, and then the sound body hitting the floor. 'Idiot.' And the coalition member would likely be arrested by the techno-inquisition if they were doing their jobs correctly and shot for being a heretic. The seperatists did not seperate level-100 from the bunker, that happened during the anarchy™️, when level-100 was cut off and lost ALL contact with the computer and outside the bunker. And don't give me the bullshit o the foodclown worshipers having control over level-100 before the anarchy. I already gave my correct opinion on the Mario Mormons. So I think we can move on. Part 3: THE BOGGISTS ARE ALL DEAD OR MISSING IDIOT! So now for the eventists. and let's start with the Boggists. and why they should not be apart of the eventists. So, the reason the boggists cannot be apart of the eventists is due to everyone kinda wants to fucking murder them, what could make someone hate the boggists so much you ask? Well the fact that during the anarchy the vast majority of warlords were boggists, and were super fucking brutal, and horded all the resources for themselves, making the vast majority of level-100 starve. After the anarchy was ended by the Temple of the Computer, all boggists were declared high-heretics and to be shot on the spot so the seperatists but actually makes sense in the lore. and while they may only be high-heretics in the Temple of the Computer, everyone and their mother still shoots them on the spot for just being the worst people during the anarchy. and the fact that all three of the 'priests' are former techno-priests (of the techno-priest council) who got heretical ideas and then left with their followers after being accused of ordering the black guard captain to murder all the other techno-priests.