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Level 100 is an infamous level in the Ever-Expanding Bunker known for being rife with religious extremism. The level has been blocked off by separatists and all residents are trapped here. Level 100 houses many cults, such as The Temple of the Computer, The Holy Congregation of the Immortal goldfish, the Sixth KKK, Old World Artifact Worshipers, the Eventists, The Georgists, the Fundamentalists, and other smaller religious factions


Level 100 was originally a farming level. However after the Anarchy happened, Level-100 was thrown into chaos with many warlords appearing, and then the Temple of the Computer appeared and conquered level-100. Everything was normal until the eventist heresy happened and level-100 was thrown into chaos once again. With many new cults rising out of the Temple of the Computer.

Cults and Religions on Level-100[]

The Temple of the Computer[]

The Temple of the Computer was founded by Three Men, the High-Priest, the Militant, and the Silent. It believes that the Computer is a God, that Machinery is Holy, Honesty and working are values, and that Holy-intelligences (H.I) can guide humanity into the Future. They are Lead by the High-Priest and the Techno-Priest Council.

The Eventists[]

The Eventists are a cult that believes the Computer is the devil and caused the Event. Other then that it is a big-tent of religions other then the B-ists who do not exist.

The Holy Congregation of the Goldfish[]

The Holy Congregation of the Immortal Goldfish is a faction of people who worship a goldfish in it's swimming bowl, who believe it has a correction to an ancient sea-monster who they believe to be their god. It gives out messages via bubbles which the Golden Priest translates for them. Unofficially however, the Golden Priest is a scam-artist who replaces the Goldfish every time it dies.

The B-ist Cults[]

The B-ist Cults don't exist, they certainly are NOT being lead by the First Heretic who also does not exist. If you think that they exist, take your meds, and if that does not work, report to your nearest Inquisitor for Re-Education.

The L Cutlists and Mario Mormons[]

L Cultists Lunatics worship L who killed mario for being a dick to him. They also believe that L must be kept at bay with human sacrifices, preferably Mario Mormons, as such they is only one Mario Mormon left and he has converted to Computerism after the Temple of the Computer offered him protection from the L-cultists.

Old World Artifact Worshipers[]

These are diverse cults that worship different old world artifacts.

Sixth KKK[]

Founded after some guy had found some books about the great ol' American South and the Wonders of American Slavery. Completely insane, weirdly racist, and have been destroyed five so many times and came back five times, so people just gave up on trying to destroy them as this point.

Other Computerist Cults.[]

Other Computerist cults include but not limiting too: The Georgists (People who want Democracy) The Fundamentalists (People who wanted a more fundamentalist approach to the Holy-Books and were lead by a 'Prophet') The Union of Educator-Priests (Not really a 'faction' or a 'cult' but a very powerful Organization within The Temple of the Computer.)

Other Cults[]

There are also Cloud Room Cultists, and Esoteric Posadists.


  • The Techno-Inquisition is known for being extremely brutal, and extremely effective at finding heretics and non-believers.
  • That the Priesthood of the Temple of the Computer was founded by the Silent?