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Level 100 is an infamous level in the Ever-Expanding Bunker known for being rife with religious extremism. The level has been blocked off by separatists and all residents are trapped here. Level 100 houses many cults, such as the Order of the Department, the Holy Congregation of the Foodclown, the Godlookers, the Omega Consortium, Old World Artifact Worshipers, the Independent and Humanist Eventists and many Bog Cults and other smaller religious factions


Level 100 was originally a hydroponics farming level. However after the Departments didn't allocate resources to maintain the farms, the residents rioted and striked. Inspired by Level 34 and the Separatists that had recently blocked off Level 34, the residents of Level 100 decided to do the same and called themselves the Mesoseparatists. The level was overtaken by cults and while it has enough resources so people wouldn't die out, it still caused the level to fall into chaos. Not much changed until the Philosopher went to the Level and got killed, this sparked a cold war in the Bunker. However the Departments and the Computer were expanding into the level around this time.

Cults and Religions on Level-100[]

The Departmentalist Cults[]

There are many factions that worship the Department Heads and similar figures. Such as the Order of the Department, Godlookers, and the Omega Crusaders. the Godlookers don't believe the Department Heads are actual gods but rather prophets of the literal true God of the Bunker. The Omega Crusaders worship the Omega Consortium and want them back in power, believing them to be angels that protected humanity from the apocalypse.

The Eventists[]

The Eventists are a cult that believes either the Event was faked or caused by the Computer. They both believe the Escapist is living happily on the Surface. They are split into two sects, Independent Eventists that just want to escape to the Surface and Humanist Eventists who believe the Computer must be destroyed in order for people to escape to the Surface and be free and so the Surface is truly safe to live on.

The Holy Congregation of the Foodclown[]

The Holy Congregation of the Foodclown is a faction of only Mushdonald Sect Foodclown Worshipers that is separate from mainline the Foodclown Cult/Church. It is extremely anti-Computer and anti-Boggist. It is lead by the Mushdonald High Priest and has the Mcternal McCrusade as a way of expanding their influence and religion.

The Bog Cults[]

There are many Bog Cults and they all are very diverse in their beliefs. The main leader of the Boggists is the Bog Prophet.

The Luigi Lunatics and Mario Mormons[]

Luigi Lunatics worship Luigi who killed his brother Mario because he was jealous of Mario. They are a parody of Grimdark cults and also of people who want a super Grimdark setting. Mario Mormons also preach on this level despite them being hunted down by lots of the cults on the level.

Old World Artifact Worshipers[]

These are diverse cults that worship different old world artifacts

Other Cults[]

There are also Sminemists, Cloud Room Cultists, Gunners (Exterminator Cultists) and Esoteric Levelists.


  • There are two compasses and comic for Level 100
  • Level 100 went through two lore rewrites