The Afflicted is the second stage of the Whirler and is the evolution of the Whirler. They whirled too hard and went too many levels deep and ate the wrong Flesh Growths that are now growing inside them. Only the temporary stage that leads to the Taken.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Wingding text on the Afflicted says "The Cloud Room must be found at all costs." and "Can you see The true path through the cold and dark to find such a thing?" This might imply that the Afflicted knows about the Cloud Room, most likely it is just lore put there but it might imply ties to the Cloud Room
  • The Afflicted, the Whirler, and the Empty Laborer all seem to progress from one to another. The Foomer is also a well kempt version of the Whirler.
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