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"Why do we know their names?"

The Bogs are a mysterious non-bunker entity. While their physical whereabouts are unknown, they have appeared in the dreams of the inhabitants. It is rumoured that the bunker was built atop their ancient tunnels. They are said to hate The Computer and the rules of the Bunker. The names of the 2 Bogs have been confirmed by randomaspland to be Ig and Grich (As a reference to Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, the people whom the appearance of the Bogs are based on).

9x9 Rework Quadrant[]

Sealed within the Antichamber (Antechamber) back when the Earth formed. The Physical Manifestation of our greed. The seals are breaking.

The Death of the Computer[]

The Bogs seem to be in a ripped/buff form probably showing increased power. There is another post for the Bogs behind the Gigachad version that have Wingdings however it hasn't been translated yet.

The Deep Dark Canon[]

The Bogs have an increased influence and are seen in the Great Game quadrants in the Deep Dark Compass. We can also see that they have sent the Boggist Priest into our world again and are telling him where to go however the Bog Priest doesn't know where this is.

The War to Take the Surface[]

The Bogs don't actually have their own quadrant however they are referenced as appearing more in the dreams of the Remainders and are seen behind the Guy in a Hot Air Balloon.


  • Their quadrant in the 6x6 contains text in wing-dings, which reads "WE MUST UNCOVER THEM FROM THE GREAT ANTECHAMBER DEEP WITHIN THE OLD TUNNELS" when translated.
  • They are said to be the manifestation of our greed, this is stated in their quadrant in the 9x9
  • Their quadrant in the 9x9 contains "The physical manifestation of our greed, they keep screaming in our minds make it stop, the five seals have been broken, the Great King of the Abyss had obtained his Great Crown of Lies and is finally able to claw their way back into the world of man, yet their forms can be manipulated by the Shifter to sow chaos in the minds of those where chaos is needed. The Surface calls and screams and the Fog is rolling in.
  • We can also see more lore in the Bog Priest. The text in the quadrant says that the Bog Priest was the leader of the Boggists but suddenly disappeared.
  • When asked for information about The Bogs, Randomaspland linked this image.[1]
  • The Bogs are based off of, and are named after the Bogdanoff twins, known for their bizarre appearances and controversial science papers. The Bogdanoffs have become an Internet Meme in certain parts of the Internet.