"The computer does not need to follow any laws, the computer is the law. " -Randomaspland

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The Computer, also referred to as the Great Computer, is the sole governing power of the bunker. While little is known about its origins, it has been deduced that the Computer predates The Event. The technology within the Computer is far more advanced than anything the dwellers have been able to scavenge, however, the fact that the computer may be sentient is heavily debated, due to its aloofness. It rarely interacts directly with dwellers, and instead acts through specialized agents such as The I.T. Guy, The Collector, and other high-ranking dwellers. While the exact nature of the Computer's motivations are unclear, it is widely assumed that the Computer's main objective is to preserve humanity, though it is unclear why.

Interactions with Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Other Canons[edit | edit source]

Death of the Computer[edit | edit source]

The Computer sacrifices itself to kill The Taken, blowing itself up (along with most of level 1).

War to Take the Surface[edit | edit source]

The Computer, detecting that the surface is habitable again, leads a colonisation program to take over the surface.

Deep Dark[edit | edit source]

The Computer shuts down when the power generators fail.

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"is this even canon?" -Squeeb

"A computer who values human lives very much and would never commit acts of atrociousness on its own residents"
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