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The Flesh is an Eldritch Hivemind-like entity. The Flesh seems to have an influence on all canons and seems to be everywhere in the Lower Levels. The Flesh seems to also have a bone structure of some kind, proven by The Only Way Out of This Through. The Flesh is in the Libleft Corner and is the replacement for Peak Libleft in the 9x9. The Flesh can take many forms and when one becomes one with the Flesh, the person is ascended to a new level of existence. The Flesh seems to restructure the bodies of individuals that have become one with the Flesh.

Flesh Growths[]

The Flesh often appears in "growths" on the lower levels, which have to be routinely cleared out by common laborers. So long as they are removed before they get too big, they don't seem to present a direct threat to humans.

They don't appear to be sentient, unlike the rest of the Flesh

Whirlers are known to sometimes eat from flesh growths, but eating the wrong ones can cause them to transform into Afflicted. Eating flesh can also lead to the rapid development of tumors. The flesh is also known to give off toxic gasses, and it is not uncommon for laborers who deal with the flesh to have to wear face coverings or even hazmat suits.

Foomers are known to sometimes accidentally fall into the Flesh whilst searching for Blood Flora.

Consuming Humans[]

In greater quantities, the flesh can pose a real danger to bunker dwellers. Using a variety of methods, it brings humans into itself and transforms them into part of itself. This is generally depicted as a horrific and painful process. It is not uncommon for victims undergoing the transformation to beg for death.

Methods of predation include using Crawlers to lure people in, and "Flesh Floors" to trap unsuspecting victims. Some individuals also throw themselves willingly into the flesh. (sacrificial flesh cult?, BS)

Instances of Autonomy from/Free Will in the Flesh[]

The Flesh usually makes people assimilated into the Flesh join the coercive whole of the Flesh however there are cases where members of the Flesh gain autonomy. If one embraces the Flesh instead of resisting it, a person can ascend from humanity and into a new form of existence. When one is able to gain free will in the Flesh they will become a Dreamer. Dreamers are minds contained in a sort of brain tissue. Dreamers can soothe unwilling members of the Flesh and can destabilize reality.

The Impetus[]

The Impetus is semi-separate from the Flesh and appears in the DOTC compass, seeming to come from the lowest levels where the Flesh starts to clump. It seems to have its own freewill of some sort.

The Blood Guard[]

The Blood Guard is a former Elite Guard that was able to use the Flesh to gain powers without letting it takeover him. The Blood Guard also works separately from the Computer and wants to help out people in the Bunker. The Flesh the Blood Guard fused with was modified by the R&D Department.

The Charred.png

The Charred[]

The Charred are people who set themselves on fire to stop the Flesh from consuming them. The Charred are autonomous from the Flesh and live in the depths of the Bunker.

The Glowcellium Hive Core[]

While the Glowcellium Hive Core used to be a normal Flesh Growth, it was separated from the rest of the Flesh due to fusing with some Glowcellium moss, creating the Glowcellium Hive. It keeps its assimilated properties however you can't be absorbed into the Glowcellium Hive Core. It is unknown if the Glowcellium Hive Core was created on purpose or on accident.

Quadrant on the 9x9 Rework[]

It keeps growing. The unity reaches for material. The mold of dead universes. Parasites to the Mire.

Theories on the Flesh[]

Some other theories is that the Surface is covered in Flesh such as in the Surface is Alive Canon. A final theory says that the Only Way Out of This Through is the Bone of the Flesh and that the bones get grinded up and sent to the Sand Room which is the square below the Cloud Room must be found square.


  • The Flesh is the replacement for Peak Libleft in the 9x9 compass

The Strange Code that translates to "tuuaisi Tony York aimisi Murray Murray" (this is most likely not the translation but whatever) in the Flesh Compass, it is supposed to be a character's last words

  • U/beetroot salads thinks that someone had the idea for The Flesh either through Resident Evil or some fetish.
  • The Flesh Compass has a line written in some sort of code that has been translated, however this is most likely not a correct translation. It seems to be the last words of a character assimilated into the Flesh this is confirmed by Randomaspland on the Ever Expanding Bunker Discord

The Quadrant that the mysterious text appears in