"The Computer loves you all, just as the Generalissimo does!"[edit | edit source]

the poster cries of praises of a general, the music beats the drum of a populist, of a person who has devoted to supporting the computer, to hunt the boggist and the rebels, and to ensure that the will of the computer is truly achieved, that man, is the Generalissimo.

While not much is known about the man, it is known that after the Fog Incident, the "Generalissimo" began first making a appearance, declaring the formation of a Allied League towards Action and ReforMation (ALARM). He has begun espousing a radical ideology, a ideology that has no form of set stone on its belief; In fact, the so-called "book" that started the movement the ALARM believes in, (Yellow-White Thought), is believed to not actually be English, and that the Generalissimo has made most of it up—however, it does contain 3 rules that have stayed continually.

  1. Complete and unquestionable hatred towards The Bogs, believing for them to be behind most of the "bad things" that has happen to The Bunker.
  2. An extension to rule 1; both rebels and anyone who is trying to destroy and/or overthrow The Computer are actually being mind controlled by the The Bogs and they should be "freed" from the mind control of the evil Bog.
  3. Hatred towards the higher levels (level 1-30), as they believe that they are complicit in disrupting and misinterpreting the computer message and making the situation worse—thus, falling into the hands of the Bog. Only through a revolution (after finishing up with any and all rebel and Boggist) will the elitist tyrant be removed and the message of the computer truly be heard.

While other written stuff in the book might change, these 3 stand continual, and despite what it might seem, the computer has done no action toward him and his movement, as most of their activities and long marches go directly into territories that are in rebel/Boggist influence with the intent of clearing it out and "Freeing the people from the oppressors!"

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