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Basic Info[]

The Mire is a reality consuming God-like being. Not much is known except that the Connection and other multiversal factions wants to stop it. The Mire seems to have consumed a lot of realities already in the Backwater. The Mire is the size of several universes and is just universes of flesh and tendrils. The Mire seems to have more of a connection to general Cloud Room lore. The Bogs might also want to stop the Mire however there isn't much proof except that one must find the Cloud Room and strike a deal with the Bogs as referenced in the Shifter's quadrant in the War to Take the Surface Compass.

The Mire was created u/Randomaspland and was first posted in r/surrealmemes subreddit with odd imagery. It is also noted that the Mire is created from a material that is super tough and can be used to create a shield.

The Death of The Computer Canon[]

Eventually the Taken will return as some sort of Worm Eldritch God according to art and lore done by Bubel. The Taken is the Mire's envoy to get into the Bunker. Whirlers as a whole are probably connected to the Mire.


  • Did you know that Mire also means a stretch of swampy land or boggy ground? Bog also means wet muddy ground too soft to support a heavy body. Which suggests that both entities share names with words associated with swamps.
  • The Mire plays a large part in Nostars, a comic being created by Randomaspland (the creator of the Bunker). No chapters have been released yet for the comic.

    The stars are going out one by one

    Here we can see a zoomed-in picture of the Mire in the Backwater Bubble. The grey mass (left) is the dead mire with a Universal Shield being built around it and the red mass (right) is the current mire.

Here is the Mire as pictured in the Flesh compass