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The Taken is the final stage of the Whirler and is the evolution of the Afflicted. The Taken wants to consume as much as it can. It is one of the most dangerous monsters in the Bunker. The Taken is a predatory creature, mostly hunting down its food sources. The Taken is connected to the Flesh due to the Flesh mutating in the Afflicted that turned into the Taken.


Envoy of the Mire to get inside the reality bubble. The Darkness of the lowest levels is its kingdom. In Wingdings (>it's coming >it's coming)

The Death of the Computer Canon[]

The Taken first attacked two members of I.R.O.N. and ate them. This enraged The Tester, who tried to fight the Taken but ended up being consumed by it, to I.R.O.N's horror. The Taken then rapidly mutated due to the testosterone and muscle mass from The Tester. The Taken then went on a horrific rampage throughout the levels until it reached Level 1 and tried to destroy the computer. Knowing that its destruction was imminent, The Computer was able to kill the Taken with an massive explosion, but died in the process, taking the airlock and most of Level 1 with it. The Exterminator gathered its blood, now injecting Taken blood instead of Blood Flora injections. Later, an I.R.O.N. member consumed its corpse, turning him into The Test Demon. He now rampages through the lower levels. The Wingdings in its quadrant translate to "Right?" Post-Bunker religions claim that it will return and end the world. The Taken is seen to return as an Eldritch Worm-like God that consumes reality much like the Mire.

The Deep Dark Canon[]

The Taken first became the Dimming. Whirlers have become rare and the Dimming's prey even more so. It is living off of glowshrooms. Covered in glowing blisters and an angler mutation from consuming Anglers. It is a shadow of its former self. However the Dimming then mutated into the Taken in the Deep Dark Canon according to the Xenobiologist. The Taken has a lure that sooths and comforts people. It is also able to replicated voices from people it has consumed. The light from the lure of the Taken is more pleasant than even flashlights. We also get an example of the voice mimicking in this line "Come closer. You don't need to be alone anymore."

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