The Ever-Expanding Bunker Wiki

"Yet again you hear them, it's been some time since your last encounter. Whirlers are becoming more and more common yet you don't know why. You hate it when you look at them for their eyes look so human yet full of fear..."

Whirlers are bunkerites who have become feral, either from an addiction to fooms or snapping after no longer being able to handle life in the bunker anymore. As the name suggests, they whirl through the vents, finding food and more fooms to fuel the addiction. Whirlers can turn into Afflicted. The final stage of a Whirler is the Taken. Their skin secretes moisturiser.

9x9 Part 2 Quadrant[]

You can hear them scuttling in the walls. You recognize their faces. More and more keep turning up that you don't remember a time where they were not such a big threat. Levels are going dark and your memories are hazy, something is crawling from the depths and a new threat is swirling in the minds of all. The Mire sends its child the Taken through the bubble and bunker as another reality is added to its mass.

Death of the Computer[]

The whirlers are migrating, to an unknown location. They stop once every 3 months, but apart from that the weak get left behind.