"ITS MUSHDONALDS NOT MARIO" -The Worshipper, debating the M

The Worshipper is a quadrant of individuals who worship what they call the "great food clown". Members of the quadrant are known to wear a red pre-event uniform, which has split them over the meaning of M on the hats. They believe that the great food clown is the only thing that can stop the Event from happening again, and they seek to replace the Computer with a statue of the clown. They also desire to establish a currency, but after the Exposure, they cannot bring themselves to start one. They would be more than likely susceptible to the Bogs, had they not found the clown. (Bog worship has been made canon through the subreddit, although the original compass makes no mention of such a thing.)

The Deep Dark Canon[edit | edit source]

The Food Clown Worshipers now have started worshipping the Food Wall. They see it as the manifestation of the Foodclown. They sacrifice people to the Food Wall seemingly to please it. It also seems like there are very few Foodclown Worshipers probably due to them dying out during the Blackout. It is also implied that they might worship or admire other entities, the Rumburglar and the Grimacemother.

The Death of the Computer Canon[edit | edit source]

The Food Clown Worshipers seem to have started questioning in the Foodclown. This is shown in the McLost's quadrant. They are struggling with the concept that the Foodclown isn't watching over them. They haven't lost faith yet. They are afraid of the realization that they might be alone in this cold dark universe wiht the Foodclown. They have seen their temples long forgotten and destroyed in the cold wasteland, which has shaken their faith forever. The Quadrant for the Mclost says "He said he would return one day... HE SAID HE WOULD RETURN FOR US!", this further shows how their faith has been shaken.

The War to Take the Surface Canon[edit | edit source]

The Foodclown Worshipers have started to colonize the Surface. They revolted against the Computer after their pre-event McClown Temples started to be destroyed by the first settlements. Foodclown Worshipers also seem to have become more extremist and hate all other faiths besides their own. The Foodclown Worshupers seem to haev gotten into a large battle over what the "M" stands for, either McDonald the Foodclown or Mario. They seem to have purged a ton of heretics as implied in Johann Joppe's text. The Rumburgler is mentioned but more as a heroic figure than a god and is said to be in Mchalla. The Foodclown Worshipers are also trying to find ancient McClown/McDonald Temples. There are two types of Foodclown Worshipers currently, the Clown's Prophet that might be a religious leader and the Mctrooper that is fighting against heretics. They pray to the CEO of religion. The Clown's Prophet is described as attracting a large crowds Mcterrorists able to pull apart Computer meches by sheer mob brutality. Mctroopers seem to admire the Rumburgler as stated above and uncover McDonald Temples. They will probably die in a completely useless raid at age 19.

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