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Zoogis is the brother of Moogis and a character from the DOTC canon. Because the bunkerites can only go 50 miles from the bunker without reality breaking down, Zoogis wants them to find out how The Computer kept the fog at bay and use it to expand towards the East.

He claims that The Computer maintained reality using an extra dimensional space called the “Cloud Room”.

According to Zoogis, anarcho-capitalism is a contradiction and his brother is misguided.

Is never seen in the same room as his brother Moogis


  • Zoogis and Moogis are based on Gork and Mork gods of the Orks from Warhammer 40K, this is even further confirmed by both being similar to each other but thinking one is vastly superior
  • Zoogis and Moogis appear on the border art of the War to Take the Surface Compass which might imply they also appear in the War to Take the Surface Canon.